How does the savings part of the program work?
The money left over between what you received from your 3 people you shared the program with, and what you have given to your 1 person, is what you will have saved.  That money can stay in your cash app account or transferred into your personal bank account.  Cash app offers a customizable Visa debit card that will give you full access to the money in your cash app account.


Can I ever receive if no one gives?No.  The community is driven based upon 3 people giving to 1 person which always results in receiving more than you give.  You are only giving to 1 person but receiving from 3.

Do I continue to give even if I haven’t received?
 We don’t want you to give until you have received the amount specified on the Give 2 Receive Community  chart, then you will give the amount specified in that row for you to give.  However, it’s each individual’s choice of how and when they will give.

NOTE:  Always follow how much you will give according to the Give 2 Receive Community chart.  PLEASE don’t give based upon your own discretion.  The numbers are based upon mathematical calculations.

How do I initiate the giving with 3 people?
First off,  you must establish your own personal financial goal that you are willing to share with 3 people you know, like, and trust.  Once you share your goal with these 3 people, ask them if they would be willing to be a part of helping you reach your goal with $5 each.    If they say yes, let them know you found a community driven towards helping others reach their financial goals, and then send them this website, www.endingfinancialslavery.com.  You will send them your CashApp or whatever financial avenue you all agree on. 

Do I have to explain the program to them?
No.  This website gives all the details and instructions.  

For any additional questions, you may use the contact form found on the bottom of this page to receive direct information and assistance from me. 

Who am I giving to and does that ever change?
You are ONLY giving to the person the person that shared their financial goal with you and you have chosen to help them reach their goal by continuously giving to them according to the Give 2 Receive Community chart.  
No, the person you give to will never change.

Who am I receiving from and does that ever change?
You are ONLY receiving from the 3 people that you shared your financial goals with.
No, the people you receive from will never change.

Do I have to use PayPal?
No, it’s not necessary to use PayPal for your financial transactions, however, with PayPal there are no limitations on how much you can give and receive.  The app chosen is individually preferred, however,  each individual must be using the same app.  To avoid fees with PayPal make sure you choose the option to send to friends and family.