Dream Big
Forward Progress


No Vision

 Lack of Focus

Lack of Consistency

Lack of Progress


More Focus

More Consistency

More Progress

Progress Becomes U Vision

Acts 2:41-47 - Community

Acts 6:1-6 - Responsibility

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 - Accountability

To form a community where we are responsible for each other by serving one another in love and holding each other accountable in making progress in every area of life.


Understanding our Process results in:

Daily Discipline

Daily Activity

Daily Progress

Our process is broken down in 3 areas:

Credit - Reputation

Capital $$$ - Leverage

Accountability - Relationships/Community

Reputation in multiple areas of life

(Intimate, Business, & Residential)


Leverage - Financial resources

(Debt payoff, Investments, Business Start-up)

Relationships - Make sure your circle of influence does not get complacent, caught up in procrastination, and that they continue making progress in every area of their life.