Good things

Acts 10:38- “He went around doing good”

Goodness isn't an arms length kind of living! It is a hands-on, up-close-and-personal performance. It’s work, it’s our job to seek those in need. In need of our goodness, not giving monetary. Needs is so much more. Are you doing your part? Are you doing GOODNESS justice? Dont talk the talk walk the walk. Everyday is a struggle, but everyday we are given the opportunity to be better than we were yesterday. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy but the benefits of doing the right thing is amazing!

I told y’all the other day about not living right and thinking the way I thought was good. But everything was falling apart around me. When I started living right and doing right, my life began taking a turn for the better! I can’t even tell you everything over the last 6 months! It’s been truly a blessing. A new marriage, gained a child, a new car, a new home, a new job, new friends, and an entire family of wonderful people! I mean I can’t even express everything to you. Following the fruit of the spirit or what we like to call them in this community, the characteristics of a leader, has literally changed my life! Having someone to talk to as a voice of reason is mind blowing. When you begin to involve yourself in loyal commitments, the people you find yourself in relationships with love you unconditionally with no judgement or expectations. It‘s in your best interest to find yourself that person, or group of people, that is willing to stand by your side, not only in the good times, but in the bad as well. I promise your life will change forever and it will never be the same! Actually, I don’t, God already did!

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