Hi! I am Kara Glover! Eric’s wife, partner, and most importantly his support. You know Eric’s had this vision to create a community of believers and followers for sometime now. He works on this and talks about this every moment he has. He wants to reach those who have been broken and mislead. Redirect them to become leaders with the characteristics of leadership. Yesterday we talked and learned you don’t need to have the title leader behind your name! Leader is something you earn and how you react to life. If you practice the characteristics of a leader using the fruits of the spirit you will be floored by the changes in your life. By doing the right things in life you open up windows and opportunities you never knew was out there. We are all here for reason to work together to get the word and understanding out there. We are a vessel, a vessel of good word and learnings let’s do this! Let’s make a commitment, a commitment to do the right thing and share our community.

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