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Green Light Debit Card Benefits

  • Your child has their own money that they are paid weekly or bi-weekly for household chores, weekly quiz grades, etc.

  • Your child has a Savings where they will create a Savings Goal of their choice.  Their Savings will be funded by you, the parent, according to the                                    Financial Plan

  • Your child will participate in giving - 10% of what they Save on a weekly basis.

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Credit Reputation

  • Teach your child how to build a good credit reputation from the very beginning, based upon the education you, as the parent, have received, rather than having to teach your child how to rebuild their credit reputation, because of bad financial leveraging decisions.  

Bad Financial Leveraging examples:

  • Credit Cards (Bank Loans represented by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover)

  • Personal Loans

  • Car Loans

  • Home Loans

  • Educational Loans

  • Business Start-up Loans


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